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Artificial Aquarium Plants: The Cheap and Easy Way to Make Any Aquarium a Work of Art

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Artificial Aquarium Plants: The Cheap and Easy Way to Make Any Aquarium a Work of Art

The large, intricate, complex and expensive home aquaria, like the massive public counterparts, often involve maintaining a delicate balance of light, water chemistry and ecological variance to support an entire underwater ecosystem. They’re beautiful, no doubt, but they’re also incredibly costly and difficult to establish and maintain. For the more hobby-level or less experienced home aquarium enthusiast, keeping a fish-only tank is much more in line with their level of interest and investment. However, that doesn’t mean that they simply don’t care about the décor and style of the aquatic environment they’re building. That’s where artificial aquarium plants come into play. By augmenting your home fish tank with a variety of plastic plant life, you get all the aesthetic benefits of a planted aquarium, without the additional cost, responsibility and hassle.

An Unlimited Array of Choices

The best part of installing artificial plants in your aquarium is that if you can dream up what you want your plants to look like, you can bet that someone out there has manufactured them that way. The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to style, size and colour. Want to have a replica of a natural undersea environment like a coral reef or a freshwater lake bottom? No problem. Want to recreate a temperate boreal forest at the bottom of your saltwater fish tank? There’s absolutely no reason why you couldn’t. How about taking a tropical tack and having your neons or tetras swimming through swaying coconut palms on a submerged idyllic beach scene? There is literally no limit to the variety of décor ideas you can dream up, and virtually all of them can be realized by shopping around for the right aquarium decorations.

More Life-like than Ever

There was a time when putting fake plant life into your aquarium meant dropping rigid, unconvincing "trees” and stiff, serrated pieces of "moss” into the water and relying on your imagination and sheer will to convince yourself that they looked like the real thing. These days, however, plastics have become much more sophisticated, and the use of materials like silk mean that the artificial aquatic plants you install look just as good as (and sometimes even better than) the real thing. You get the beauty of underwater plant life, without any of the drawbacks of fish occasionally eating parts of real plants, or of natural age and decay wearing them down to unsightly versions of their former selves.
When it comes right down to it, although there are benefits to fitting your aquarium with real plants, there are also some drawbacks, and the use of artificial plants in your fish tank can bring its own set of very appealing bonuses. Where real plant life can wilt, decay, rot, get eaten or potentially harbour germs, diseases or harmful organisms like snails, artificial aquarium plants do none of those things. They’re also easier to clean, require virtually no other maintenance and save you loads of money as opposed to shelling out for more lighting and oxygenating equipment necessary to keep marine plant life alive and well.